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Show / Channel Name Ideas

One of the hardest things to do is to come up with a name for your display or social media channel. Below is a list of many ideas that can help give you a jump start and come up with something different. 

Universal Names

  • Flicker Frenzy
  • Illuminated Imagination
  • Cinematic Sensations
  • Lightplay Legacy
  • The Light Brigade
  • Mapping Magic
  • Visual Visions
  • Light and Shadow
  • Flickering Fantasies
  • Digital Dreamscapes
  • Visual Voyage
  • Illusion Inspiration
  • Lightcraft Studios
  • Screen Savants
  • Projection Passion
  • Luminary Legends
  • Light and Shade
  • Spine-Chilling Projections
  • Projecting Dreams
  • Projecting Nightmares
  • The Projection Squad
  • Ghoulish Projections
  • Haunted House of Projections
  • Frightening Flicks
  • Projecting Festivities
  • Magic Mapping
  • Projections Galore
  • The Projection Channel
  • Festive Flicks
  • The Projection Room
  • Spooky Spectacles
  • Flickering Frights
  • The Projection Place
  • Horror Mapping
  • The Projection Project
  • The Projection Studio
  • Terrifying Projections
  • The Projection Station
  • The Projection Lounge
  • Halloween Visions
  • Projection Playground
  • Thrilling Projections
  • The Projection Booth
  • The Projection Nest
  • Haunted House Projections
  • The ______'s Projection Experience
  • ______'s Holiday Hues
  • ______'s Projection Playground
  • Festive Fun with the ______'s
  • ______'s Seasonal Spectacle
  • ______'s Projection Palace
  • ______'s Festive Fantasies
  • ______'s Spectacular Light Shows
  • ______'s Seasonal Displays
  • Projection Magic by the ______'s
  • ______'s Digitalscapes
  • The Projection Pros
  • ______'s Holiday Extravaganza
  • The ______'s Light Show
  • ______'s Festive Flickers
  • ______'s Illuminated Imagination
  • ______'s Digital Decor
  • ______'s Light Magic
  • The ______'s Holiday Haven
  • ______'s Seasonal Splendor
  • Festive Projections by the ______'s
  • ______'s Yuletide Yard
  • The ______'s Festive Frenzy
  • The ______'s Seasonal Showcase
  • ______'s Seasonal Sparkle
  • ______'s Projections
  • The ______'s Holiday Home

Halloween Themed

  • Halloween Horrors by _______'s
  • _______'s Haunted House
  • Halloween Projections by _______'s
  • _______'s Spooktacular
  • Cryptic Mapping
  • _______'s Trick or Treat Theater
  • Halloween Mapping with the _______'s
  • _______'s House of Horror
  • The _______'s Pumpkin Patch
  • _______'s Ghostly Ghouls
  • Halloween Hues with the _______'s
  • _______'s Fright Fest
  • ______ Manor
  • The _______'s Terror Theater
  • Halloween Happenings with the _______'s
  • _______'s House of Shadows
  • The _______'s Spooky Soiree
  • _______'s Phantasmic Projections
  • The _______'s Haunted Hideaway
  • The _______'s Freaky Flicks
  • The _______'s Spook Show
  • The _______'s Haunted Happenings
  • _______'s Frightful Films
  • ______'s Mansion
  • The _______'s Halloween Hangout
  • _______'s House of Haunts
  • The _______'s Spooky Station
  • _______'s Nightmare Nook
  • The _______'s Scary Showcase
  • _______'s Ghostly Gathering
  • The _______'s House of Screams
  • _______'s Spooky Scenes
  • The _______'s Haunted Hideout
  • The _______'s Sinister Screens and Scenes
  • _______'s Spooky Spectacles
  • The Phillips' Fright Factory

Christmas Themed

  • Christmas Projections
  • The Christmas Projection Project
  • The Christmas Projection Experience
  • Projection Wonderland
  • The Christmas Projector
  • Yuletide Projections
  • The Christmas Projection Hub
  • Projection Wonderland
  • Merry Mappings
  • Jolly Projections
  • Christmas Mapping Magic
  • Festive Flicks and Projection
  • ______'s Christmas Projections
  • Festive Mappings
  • Christmas Magic by the ______'s
  • ______'s Festive Projections
  • ______'s Projection Wonderland
  • ______'s Yuletide Decorations
  • The ______'s Christmas Projector
  • Christmas with the ______'s
  • ______'s Projection Wonderland
  • Yuletide Projections by the ______'s
  • ______'s Festive Flickers
  • Christmas Mapping with the ______'s
  • ______'s Jolly Projections
  • The ______'s Christmas Projections and Beyond

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