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This is a difficult section. The amount of investment is based off of what you are trying to accomplish. Here are some basic considerations.

Laptop or Computer  -  est. $700-$2,000

You most likely have one that you will consider using. After you choose your software, check the requirements needed to make sure your device is going to cut it. 

Projector  -  est. $600-$2,000

Check out the video on picking a projector below. You can purchase a New or Used projector. A Short-Throw will be best. Do not purchase an Ultra-Short-Throw, they do not work well. Using the Projection Calculator on ProjectorCentral.com will give you a good idea on your distance and do-ability. **Remember any projector you have in there will flag that it will not be clear or bright enough since you are using it outside of the manufacturers recommendations**

Enclosure -  est. $100-$400

There are many different options for ways to create an enclosure. You will need to know the positioning of your projector before you purchase or create an enclosure. ex. If you have to have it raised 4 ft off the ground, you do not want to have a huge heavy one. Check out the Enclosure page for more ideas.

Software -  est. Free-$1,700

Are you just going to purchase completed shows or are you going to create them? What kind of shows will you create? Basic? Advanced Effects? You have to know your direction before you head into the software choice. Before you purchase and decide on a software, WATCH A LOT of tutorials to see if it is something you will be able to do. Check out the Software page for more information.

Content -  est. Free-$300

Are you just going to purchase completed shows or are you going to create them? If you are purchasing shows, you are paying for the convenience and skill. If you are creating your own, here are quite a few free content sources available on youtube. BUT... you generally get what you pay for unless you found Ropelato's resources. Create a vision for your show before you make your purchases. This will help you only purchase what you need. Over time, you will create a content library to be more creative with your shows. Check out the Content page for a list of many vendors. 

Do you want to hear me break this down more?

Watch the Video Below.

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